OWs v Old Blundellians, 2nd June at Bristol & Clifton Golf Club

The annual match competing for the eccentric golfer trophy started in cold windy weather but finished in glorious sunshine on a course which was looking and playing its very best.  That could not, however, also describe the fortunes of the OWs.

The first pair, Robert Skinner (guest) and Christopher Cornell came unstuck against a pair of OBs who belied their 12 and 13 handicaps by going round in a better ball par.

Matthew Knight and Bruce Jackman (guest), in spite of some wild driving, recovered well to reach the remarkable score of dormey 6 before finishing the match off at 5 and 4.

Sadly that was our only highlight, the last two OW pairs both suffered from an inability to hole potential winning puts and both matches ended on the 16th.  In the case of the last group the loss of hole was to a birdie from a drive which reached the fringe of the green from a tee  293 yards back!

This match will benefit next year from a new match manager, Dayrell McArthur, and I do hope he has sufficient support that allows us to field a full team without guests and to win back the eccentric golfer.

Full results

OWs                                                      OBs

Robert Skinner                                  Tony Vallance                                    OBs 3/2

Christopher Cornell                         Cedric Clapp


Matthew Knight                               Richard Summerfield                      OWs 5/4

Bruce Jackman                                  David D’Arcy Hughes


John Vintcent                                    Stephen Tilley                                   OBs 4/3

Peter Loveday                                   Andrew Jeffrey


Andrew Brownrigg                          Doug Bourne                                     OBs 5/3

Jeremy Knight                                   Tim Lintott

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