OWGS vs. RWNGC at Brancaster – Saturday 6th February

The largest and highest quality OWGS team in the eleven years of the RWNGC vs OWGS fixture assembled at Brancaster a little the worse for wear (as usual) shortly after dawn on Saturday 6th Feb.  This was the tenth playing of the fixture, threatened in the past by frost but this time spiced up by 25mph wind in the morning, freshening to 35mph gusting 40mph in the pm.  At least we stayed dry (ish).

As is also usual, OWGS performed well but lost to a top quality RWNGC team 8-4.  Morning heroics from Fell and Whittington, defeating the rated pairing of Stocks and Tom Hancock and from Hewetson and Myrtle in earning a half against Goodrich and Jeremy Hancock.

The strain of the morning’s exertions told on Myrtle’s back and a rapid reconfiguration saw Tusa swap ties and allegiances in the afternoon to earn a comfortable point with Whitehead against Martin Smith and Paul Hancock (so many Hancocks…).  Tusa’s replacement on the RWNGC side was none other than Jamie Warman who, playing with Ian Quick narrowly prevailed 2 and 1 against RR and the redoubtable Hewetson.

Other laurels to Fell, bowed down by cold and high temperature but still capable of walking off with 1 1/2 points.  Also to Whittington, a winner in the morning and 1 down loser with Wybar against Herbert and Ali Hardy in the pm.

Most touching moment of the day?  A surprise birthday cake and present for AT and selfie rendition of happy birthday which was pre-judged to be more tuneful than the post-lunch rabble might manage.

Thanks to all for their support of this wonderful fixture.


NOTE – This was the first match in some time that the OWGS flag was flown – after it had been “found” late last year.  An Etonian member expressed surprise, commenting that this was ‘rather Harrovian’!

We will try to make sure that our presence is known at all matches going forward. How we go about doing it at the Hewitt will require some strong negotiating, ingenuity or late night flagpole climbing! See pictures below

DKW notes:

The impromptu ‘Happy Birthday’ rendition firmly cemented Tusa’s number 2 position in the OWGS singing rankings (Can we get full rankings on this? Are there stats?! – ED)

The gift (tees inscribed ‘better since 19/01/2016’) seemed to be spot on as Tusa played very well all day to win twice



King's Lynn and West Norfolk-20160206-00186

King's Lynn and West Norfolk-20160206-00188




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