OWGS v Rye

The match OWGS v Rye went ahead on Saturday 21 May.  A little damp for most of the morning but glorious in the afternoon.  Course in wonderful condition but rough, often not far off the fairway, was difficult, ankle deep at best and clinging.  Sadly, Nyren Scott Malden had to withdraw on Friday afternoon – knee trouble.

So, in the morning we were 9 plus Rye captain, Oliver Saxby, became an OW for the day …and scored 2 points!  For OWGS, Richard Myrtle was only able to do the morning so Tony Fisher played his own ball pm.

Results, I think, as follows:


David Bonsall & Tristan Hanson           1            v              Henry Sharp & Jeremy Carey       0

Tony Fisher & Francis Elton                  0            v               Simon Baer & Nicholas Hurst       1

Chris Fell & David Hough                        1            v              Charles Rowe & Guy Selmon       0

Jamie Hudson & Oliver Saxby              1            v               Sam Rajaratnam & Chris Stephenson 0

Richard Myrtle & Patrick Maxwell      0            v              Simon Allport & Tim Monckton    1

3                                                                                              2


Elton & Fell                                                  0            v              Monckton & Stephenson               1

Bonsall & Maxwell                                    0            v              Baer & Allport                                      1

Fisher                                                             1            v              Rajaratnam & Rowe                         0

Hudson & Hanson                                     1             v             Selmon & Sharp                                  0

Hough & Saxby                                           1            v              Carey & Hurst                                      0                                                                                               6                                                                                               4

Special thanks to Rye GC for making us feel so welcome and a splendid lunch, particularly Oliver Saxby for going against all of his instincts and representing Wykeham as well as producing such genuinely genial and convivial opponents.

We must support these fixtures …


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