OWGS v RWNGC; 8 February 2014

RWNGC vs Old Wykehamist Golfing Society
Saturday 8th February 2014
Nick Lyons  1/2 Chris Fell  1/2
Ben Stocks Tristan Hanson
John Roe 1 George Close-Brooks 0
Thomas Olesen David Wybar
Paul Hancock 1 Barrington Pitt-Miller 0
Andrew Martin Smith Patrick Maxwell
Miles Connell 1 Michael Symonds 0
Simon Osborn James Dinwiddy
James Amies 0 CV Dinwiddy 1
David Boshier Andrew Tusa
3 1/2 1 1/2
Lyons* 0 Close-Brooks 1
Osborn Maxwell
Paul Hancock 1 Symonds 0
Quick Tusa
Roe 0 Pitt-Miller 1
Gates Dinwiddy CV
Stocks 1 Hanson 0
Martin Smith Wybar
Jeremy Hancock  1/2 Fell  1/2
Olesen J Dinwiddy
2 1/2 2 1/2
6 4
* Match played over 11 holes


The mid week weather forecast for high winds and rain for Brancaster on Saturday proved, in the end, to be only half right.  Whilst we stayed dry, a breeze of 25mph strengthened around noon to 40-45mph (gusting at 58mph according to the Steward) and settled to a steady 40mph for the afternoon round.


The morning’s top OW pair of Fell and Hanson fought bravely for a half with one of RWNGC’s top pairings (Lyons and Stocks) but the only win of the morning was recorded by CV Dinwiddy and A G P Tusa whose Brancaster opposition fared poorly in the tough conditions.  The visitors were 3 ½: 1 ½ down at lunch.


Rallied by Wybar rhetoric at lunchtime, the OWGS side staged a recovery to half the afternoon’s session, with Close-Brooks and Maxwell beating Lyons and Osborn in a match over 11 holes; Pitt Miller (fresh from NYC) and CV Dinwiddy (again) gaining the points in beating John Roe and Jeremy Gates; and Fell and Dinwiddy J halving their match against Jeremy Hancock and Thomas Olesen. 


In spite of some very clean hitting by Symonds, his pairing with Tusa succumbed to the experienced duo of Ian Quick and Paul Hancock.  Wybar and Hanson went down to Stocks and Andrew Martin Smith.


Final result 6:4 to RWNGC.  Enormous fun had by all: one of the highlights of the RWNGC calendar.  Thanks to all who played.


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