OWGS v Huntercombe – 17th May

OWGS had to “borrow” two players from Huntercombe for the afternoon round. Both players were OWs, so no problem there, but overall result was win for Huntercombe by 4-3


O.W.G.S. Points Opposition Points Score
1. Nyren Scott-Malden 1. vs. C Morgan 0
Chris Fell A Bignell
2. Christopher Green 0 vs. A Myrtle 1.
Richard Myrtle P Godden
3. David Wybar 0 vs. G Payne 1.
Andrew Brownrigg S Kendall
4. Colin Scott-Malden 1. vs. R Ashby 0
T Proctor
2. 2.
Total Total
O.W.G.S. Points Opposition Points Score
1. Chris Fell ½ vs. R Ashby ½
2. Christopher Green ½ vs. C Morgan ½
G Payne T Proctor
3. Colin Scott-Malden 0 vs. P Godden 1.
A. Myrtle A Bignell
3. 4.
Total Total
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