OWGS v Old Bradfieldians, Sunningdale – 15th February 2015

A second match, second win of the season for OWGS. This time a thumping win (7.5 – 2.5) over Bradfield at Sunningdale. We lost one game only, halving three and winning six with several games finishing on the final green

This was very encouraging for the Halford Hewitt – Bradfield was runner up to Merchiston in the 2014 tournament.

Several of those in contention for the final few places played well and contributed to the win and it was good to introduce a very good new player, Tim Lewis, to the squad.

It was a wonderful day all round, with the mild and still weather making up for some of the wintry cancellations and frozen courses of previous years.

There were several highlights through the day but GC-B chipped in for a 2 at 15 (with the oppo close) to go one up in a very tight match against Jamie Gallacher and Mike Jones. He and Nick held on for a win up 18 (photo of George’s successful second to 17 below). This was after he and Nyren came back from dormie-4 down in the morning to get a half.

Equally impressive, James Whittington and Tristan Hanson secured a half from dormie-2 down in the afternoon making 3 at 17 and then James flopping over a bunker stone dead to win at 18 as well.

Guy Winkworth, Tom Hawkings & Nick Holt all scored two points on the day.

However, the real highlight was the sartorial elegance of the OWGS. Bold coloured trousers were to the fore with greens (x2), reds, ochres and pinks all displayed with some aplomb. Twiney, as usual, dressed for the wrong season wearing some kind of boating blazer more akin to Henley than Sunningdale in February.




Sunday 15th Feb 2015

OWGS Old Bradfieldians
Richard Sanders 0 v. John Cox 1 3/2
Ben Twiney Nick Coombs
Tim Lewis 1 4/3 v. Jamie Gallacher 0
Tom Hawkings Mike Hutton
James Whittington 1 2/1 v. Daniel Torrance 0
Nick Holt Charlie Oldmeadow
George Close Brooks 0.5 v. Findlay Ingram 0.5
Nyren Scott-Malden Mike Jones
Tristan Hanson 1 1up v. Rob Carrick 0
Guy Winkworth James Burn

Total Morning 3.5 1.5
Ben Twiney 1 1up v. John Cox 0
Tom Hawkings Charlie Oldmeadow
Richard Sanders 0.5 v. Ted Garrett 0.5
Tim Lewis Findlay Ingram
Nick Holt 1 1up v. Jamie Gallacher 0
George Close Brooks Mike Jones
James Whittington 0.5 v. Nick Garrett 0.5
Tristan Hanson Rob Carrick
Nyren Scott-Malden 1 4/3 v. Mike Hutton 0
Guy Winkworth James Burn

Total Afternoon 4 1

Total 7.5 2.5




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