OWGS U40s v O40s at RSG – March 14th 2015

The final trial match was played on Saturday at Royal St. George’s GC, Sandwich in challenging conditions – a strong wind all day (left to right at the 1st) and very cold in the afternoon


  1. The Over 37s were 3.5 – 0.5 clear at lunch, three games finishing on the 18th and one on the 17th. The Under 37s rallied in the afternoon, winning three matches comfortably before Hewetson/Sanders won the final match on the course on the 18th green


  1. Hewetson & Sanders won the Captains’ Coasters as the only two players to win two points – having been 5 down after 6 in the morning and 3 down after 3 in the afternoon, Richard did particularly well to win twice


  1. Rob Moore (master in charge) brought Alex Cheung (captain of golf) with him from Winchester – Alex played well and this was a good initiative which will help to strengthen the link between OWGS and the school


  1. It was a very enjoyable and competitive day’s golf with several players playing well in challenging conditions


This demonstrated that we have strength in depth and made the final selection difficult


  1. We have selected Mark Coulman, Jack Keating and Ben Twiney to join the seven who were pre-selected to play in this year’s Halford Hewitt


Mark and Ben both played well all day on Saturday with Ben demonstrating the merit of having worked on his game through the winter.

Jack missed the trial as he is in Australia where he has been playing competitive golf – he had an outstanding record for the school in the Gerald Micklem and will add a strong competitive streak as well as youth to the team. Jack will be the third youngest player to represent Winchester in the tournament

Many thanks to all those who played in the trial and other matches this year – it is healthy for OWGS to have such strong competition for places in the team as we seek to improve and strive to reach the later stages of the tournament regularly

With Tim Lewis & Jack Keating making their debuts, the average age of the team has fallen from 42.5 in 2014 (the second oldest team ever) to 36.0

This is the strongest team that we have fielded for many years with only Jay Varkey (of those pre-selected) not available

We are drawn against Glenalmond at Deal in the first round at 2:45 p.m. on Thursday 9th April and support from OWGS will be welcome









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