OWGS on tour at Brancaster: 7th Feb 2015

Given the snow covering most of the country mid-week, it felt like a definite win against the head to be out at 8am in temperatures that felt very comfortable for Brancaster at that time of year.


Keeping the match summary suitably brief: a win for Wykeham 6-4; all matches bar one off level handicap and 7 matches going down 18 (who said OWs could contrive to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?).


Shot of the day unquestionably SJH Whitehead’s second to 18 in a nail-biting contest with AT against Herbert and Hancock.  Having fought tooth and nail to get to a position of one up on the 18th tee, SJHW holed his 8 iron from 134 yards to finish the match in the most authoritative style.  Drama added to the occasion as the ball pitched straight into the hole which, being cut in a slight depression and hidden from view, had the opposition looking for (and desperately hoping to find) the ball over the back of the green! A delighted team are in the picture below – a “selfie” first for the OWGS!


How to account for such a solid team performance?  Well, it might have had something to do with CVD not being present to lead the partying on Friday night and the team pitching up at the Jolly Sailors to find it past closing time!  We will do better (and therefore worse) next year!


RWNGC vs Old Wykehamist Golfing Society
Saturday 7th February 2015
Nick Lyons 1 David Wybar 0 1 up
Andrew Martin Smith Chris Fell
Miles Connell  1/2 Charlie Hewetson  1/2
Simon Hardy James Whittington
Paul Hancock 0 Simon Whitehead 1 2 up
Dougie Herbert Andrew Tusa
Thomas Olesen 0 George Close-Brooks 1 2 and 1
Simon Osborn Tristan Hanson
Kilpatrick 0 James Dinwiddy 1 1 up
David Boshier Mike Symonds
1 1/2   3 1/2  
Hardy 1 Close Brooks 0 5 and 4
Hancock Symonds
Lyons 1 Hewetson 0 1 up
Olesen Whitehead
Quick 0 Wybar 1 1 up
Herbert Whittington
Osborn  1/2 Tusa  1/2
Martin-Smith Hanson
Connell 0 Fell 1 2 and 1
Carrington Smith Dinwiddy
2 1/2   2 1/2  
  6   4

OWGS Selfie

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