OWGS in the Bernard Darwin – Senior & Veteran

Senior Bernard Darwin

1st Round vs. Malvern

  • Mcarthur & Rowan-Robinson won 3/2
  • Brownrigg & Colin Scott-Malden lost 2/1
  • Sanders & Powell won 1up

Malvern probably not at their strongest but still a good team. Very good evenly fought top match, with Winchester only forging ahead on the back nine. Second pair always struggling a bit but fought well to keep in touch. 3rd pair, having started at the 4th, reached the 1st 2 up but lost the next 2 – so all on the last, where Malvern lost a ball off their drive.


2nd Round vs. Harrow

  • Mcarthur and Rowan-Robinson lost 1 down
  • Brownrigg & Scott-Malden lost 3/2
  • Sanders and Powell won 4/3

Another great win for the bottom pair, who both played well all day. Second match never looking likely to gain the extra point. All down to the top match who won 15th to go 1 up but lost the next 2 with poor shots and then, very unluckily, failed to win the last after playing it well. Good, tight match.

Marlborough beat Charterhouse in the final

Woking in good shape although greens slightly slower than sometimes.


Veteran Bernard Darwin


John Roskill & Michael Wauchope achieved 29 against a par of 80, not great but comfortably in the top half of scores.

Val Powell & John Arthur got rather less…

Winning score by Charterhouse was 37.

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