Old Bradfieldians

Location : Sunningdale Golf Club



Old Bradfieldians


The result below for the Sunningdale match details a rare victory against the Bradfieldians, which was in part due to the generosity of the Bradfield fifth pair who agreed to a halved match when the Winchester pair in the fading light played the wrong ball up the last.  It seems that if we can organise for Sandwich and Deal to be frozen solid at the end of March our chances of victory would increase!  Sunningdale was -7 C when we arrived and white with a hoar-frost.  It stayed frozen all day though was surprisingly playable and a good challenge to the adaptability of ones technique.

Winchester     Bradfield
Tom Hawkings 1 Jeremy Silver 0
Richard Sanders Nick Coombs
Ben Twiney 1 Findlay Ingram 0
Chris Fell Mike Jones
Nyren Scott Malden 0 Paul Burton 1
Tristan Hanson Will Cairns
James Whittington 0 Adam Williams 1
Guy Winkworth Ted Garret
George Close Brooks 1 Charles Oldmeadow 0
Ed Matthews Toby Young
Total Morning 3     2
Tristan Hanson 1 Adam Williams 0
Tom Hawkings Mike Jones
Richard Sanders 0 Charles Oldmeadow 1
James Whittington Paul Burton
Ben Twiney 1 Jeremy Silver 0
George Close Brooks Will Cairns
Ed Matthews 0 Ted Garret 1
Nyren Scott Malden Findlay Ingram
Chris Fell 0.5 Toby Young 0.5
Guy Winkworth Nick Coombs
Total Afternoon 2.5     2.5
Total 5.5     4.5
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