O.W.G.S vs The Rifles (11th May) at The Berkshire

Overall Result : OWGS (5) beat The Rifles (2)


Overcast blustery conditions in the morning were more suited to Autumn than early May. The wind further strengthened at times during the afternoon although fortunately tRifles 1he forecast rain failed to materialise.

Scott-Malden brothers were, as has been the case in the last few years, very strong for the team.  With their partners they scored 3.5points out of 4. Victory secured in the afternoon by Father and Son Collett Team. Only three matches pm.

The match is greatly enjoyed by both sides each year and the Rifles are more than a little dismayed that their Committee has suggested the possibility that the fixture might be moved from the Berkshire to another course (possibly Hockley) due to the Rifles playing four matches at the club. Rifles will be attempting to retain the fixture as it is currently.

1. Nyren Scott-Malden 1 vs. Simon Booth-Mason 0 .
Ian Ross Jack Francis
2. Michael Collett  0 vs. Robin Thorne 1
Michael Phillips Christopher Cornell
3. Richard Hall  1/2 vs. Alastair Maxwell  1/2
Iain Welsh Hugh Dumas
4. Colin Scott-Malden 1 vs. Tim Littlehales  0
Jeremy Hunter Peter Littlehales
2  1/2 1  1/2
Total Total
1. Nyren Scott-Malden 1 vs. Simon Booth-Mason
Michael Phillips Christopher Cornell
2. Julian Collett 1 vs. Jack Francis
Michael Collett Robin Thorne
3. Colin Scott-Malden  1/2 vs. Tim Littlehales  1/2
Ian Ross Alastair Maxwell
2  1/2  1/2
Total Total



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