Micklem Trophy 2014



THE GERALD MICKLEM TROPHY 1954-2014 (the “Micklem”)



1.         The Micklem will be played at Woking Golf Club on Wednesday and Thursday, 12th and 13th March 2013.


2.         Each team will consist of five players who may be changed from round to round if so desired. Girls as well as boys can represent their school in the Micklem, and all players will play from the same tees.


3.         Each match will comprise five games of singles matchplay. Individual matches all square after 18 holes will continue until the match is won in order to obtain a decision in the team match – which is achieved by winning at least three matches.


4.         Captains are requested to place their teams approximately in order of merit.  The practice of placing players out of their correct order in the hope of sacrificing them to the other team’s best players is not in the spirit of the Micklem.  Captains should hand their order of play into the Secretary’s office at least thirty minutes before their match is due to start.


5.         Players may practise on the course on Tuesday 11th March and on the morning of Wednesday 12th March. One such practice round will be free, but the green fee for any subsequent practice round will be £15.00 per person.  If schools wish to take advantage of a practice round on the Tuesday, they should contact the secretary of Woking Golf Club, who will be operating a start sheet.  Members of losing teams wishing to play on the Thursday afternoon will also have to pay a green fee of £15.00 per person. Please note that final practice rounds on Wednesday 12th March should be limited to six golfers per school.


6.         Anyone requiring lunch throughout the Micklem or on the practice day is asked to advise the Steward as early as possible on the day in question.


7.         It is requested that all competitors and their supporters wear jackets and ties in the lounge and dining room.


8.         Prizes: The 5 members of the winning team will receive an inscribed pewter tankard presented by the Old Wykehamist Golfing Society.  Although the number of players in a team is not restricted, any reserve members of the winning team will not receive a tankard.  Other prizes will be golf balls.


Benjamin Twiney

Hon. Sec. OWGS





Wednesday 12th March                                         Thursday 13th March



1st Round                                           Semi Final                                           Final


1.   Eton                  )  12.45pm                                                )

2.   Rugby               ) 1st Tee                                       )

9.00am            )                                               )

1st Tee )                                               )

3.   Winchester         ) 1.15pm                                      )                                               )

4.   Harrow             ) 1st Tee                                       )                                               )

1.30pm            )

1st Tee )

5.  Charterhouse      ) 1.15pm                                     )                                               )

6.   Wellington        ) 15th Tee                                                )                                               )

9.30pm            )                                               )

1st Tee )                                               )

7.   Bradfield           ) 1.45pm                                      )

8.   Stowe        ) 15th Tee                                            )



Subsidiary Tournament (for those beaten in the first round)



Thursday 13th March


Semi Final                                                       Final


Eton                 or             )

Rugby                              )                                                          )

)  9.30am                                             )

)  15th tee                                            )

Winchester         or           )                                                          )

Harrow                            )                                                           )


15th tee            )

Charterhouse     or           )                                                           )

Wellington                       )                                                          )

)  9.45am                                             )

)  15th tee                                            )

Bradfield         or             )                                                           )

Stowe                               )                                                          )


                                       OLD WYKEHAMIST GOLFING SOCIETY

19 The Marish

Chase Meadows




Tel: 07825 270650 (M)





                                                                                    February 2014



Gerald Micklem Cup 2014


I have pleasure in enclosing the draw for this year’s Gerald Micklem Cup.


As in previous years, the winners will be presented with tankards which I have had prepared at OWGS’ expense. Golf balls will be presented as the other prizes and each school has kindly agreed to contribute equally to the cost of these (£15 per school). Upon arrival at Woking Golf Club, please liaise with George Ritchie, the secretary of Woking Golf Club, regarding payment of the entry fee which I understand will be £135 per team this year. Therefore, the total cost of the Micklem is £150


If you have any queries about the competition, please raise them with George Ritchie, but please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance


Yours sincerely,






Benjamin Twiney

Hon. Sec. OWGS




cc. George Ritchie / David Wybar / Rodney Hall




Micklem 2014

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