Match Managers

Information for Match Managers This website should now allow for people to apply for matches through the fixture list. As a result you will be able to see who you have playing in each match and people will be able to see who else is playing. There is now a Member’s Directory which holds all the contact details for those that have registered. Please can I ask you to:

  • Download the OWGS Match Manager Form (please click on the embedded file or at the bottom of the page) in order to “write-up” your match. I am very happy if you want to post these to me and I can type them up and put them of the website. EVEN better would be to fill in this Excel file with the match results and email it to me. I can then put together the match report which we can post under “News” and “Match Reports”
  • Please ensure that everyone that plays in any match is signed up the website. There is not going to be any further snail mail correspondence. So, if they want to make it work then they have to participate!
  • Please look to confirm the match the following year and please feed back the date to Ben Twiney

And thanks for all your help!

OWGS Match Manager Form

Excel file