2019 Fixture List

The fixture list is shown below. Please click on the email address of the match manager to request a place in the team.

Please also click on the link to download to a pdf   OWGS Fixture List 2019

Date Opposition Course Match Manager
9th January at 6pm Halford Hewitt AGM East India Club, London
2nd February Royal West Norfolk GC Royal West Norfolk andrew.tusa@btinternet.com
24th February Old Bradfieldians Sunningdale tomhawkings@gmail.com
12th March The School Woking andrew.tusa@btinternet.com
9th March Halford Hewitt Trial Royal St. George’s mark@hallmarkfarming.co.uk / nickeholt@gmail.com
10th March Old King’s Canterbury Royal Cinque Ports mark@hallmarkfarming.co.uk / nickeholt@gmail.com
30th March Old Westminsters Royal St. George’s gclosebrooks@icloud.com
27th March Liphook Liphook brownriggs@haslemere.com
11th – 14th April Halford Hewitt Cup Royal Cinque Ports and Royal St. George’s andrew.tusa@btinternet.com / nickeholt@gmail.com
12th May Huntercombe Huntercombe colin@scottmalden.plus.com
19th May Grafton Morrish (Qualifying) North Hants andrew.tusa@btinternet.com / benjamintwiney@gmail.com
28th April The Rifles The Berkshire crckf@sky.com
18th May Rye Rye houghie1@live.co.uk
18th July Old Blundellians Bristol and Clifton Golf Club dayrell.mcarthur@outlook.com
3rd June Alba Trophy Woking tomhawkings@gmail.com
3rd June (Final – 13th June) Schools’ Putting Competition Royal Wimbledon tomhawkings@gmail.com
18th June / 19th June Senior Bernard Darwin Woking tim@thorpeness.co.uk
19th June Veteran Darwin Woking wauchope.ms@gmail.com
4th / 5th July Bernard Darwin Woking tomhawkings@gmail.com
5th July Summer Meeting The Berkshire gclosebrooks@icloud.com / nickeholt@gmail.com
27th / 28th July Royal St. Georges Royal St. George’s benjamintwiney@gmail.com
10th August Notts Golf Club (Hollinwell) Notts Golf Club (Hollinwell) mark@hallmarkfarming.co.uk
14th September Aldeburgh Aldeburgh david.wybar1@gmail.com / james-dinwiddy@birketts.co.uk
28th – 30th September Queen Elizabeth Coronation Schools Tournament Royal Burgess j_keating96@yahoo.co.uk
3rd October Royal Worlington Royal Worlington dcbonsall@btinternet.com
3rd – 6th October Grafton Morrish (Finals) Hunstanton and Royal West Norfolk crmfell@icloud.com
TBC Old Malvernians The Berkshire andrew.tusa@btinternet.com / benjamintwiney@gmail.com
12th / 13th October Dick Watson Trophy Aldeburgh colin@scottmalden.plus.com
28th / 29th September Aldington Match Hockley timroro1@gmail.com
16th October New Zealand New Zealand timroro1@gmail.com
19th October Old Etonians Rye cdavidham@hotmail.com