President’s Newsletter 2014

To the members of the Old Wykehamist Golfing Society.


During the summer, a questionnaire was sent to each of our match managers in order to gauge the viability of the matches they run each year and to suggest any improvements. This was an exercise the Society had not carried out for a number of years and we felt it was time once again to take stock.   I am delighted to say that almost all managers responded positively.  Nonetheless, there was an underlying feeling expressed that communication could and should be radically improved between the Society’s officers, match managers and members generally.

To this end, we are in the process of doing two things:-

Firstly, the Society’s website   will post the annual fixture list early in January each year and will replace the printed list which arrives at best in March or even later.  This will also enable alterations and additions to be made during the year.  This year, for example, we are planning two new fixtures later in the year which have not yet been finalised.  In addition, the Society will be involved in Hockley’s centenary celebrations on Saturday 28th June but the detailed arrangements have yet to be finalised.  So it is now a case please of looking at the website, which will be regularly updated.

We have therefore reached the point where, coupled with email, we can stop writing letters.  Indeed, this is intended to be our last communication on paper!  It will come as no surprise that many ‘Old Boys’ golfing societies and others such as the Seniors, Elders, Moles, Boodles etc. now communicate in this way.

Secondly, the new website will also contain, with your help, a password secure (to be emailed to you) list of members to be available to all current members, which can be more quickly and easily extended, updated and corrected over time, enabling match managers to cast their recruiting net more widely  –  and hopefully encourage both more members to apply rather than waiting to be asked and also to communicate with each to play in matches together.  So please (while you are thinking of it!) email Nick Holt now at to confirm your current email address, postal address (just in case) and phone numbers, as this information can only be as good and as useful as the information you all provide. By omission, hopefully the list will also encourage members to identify and recruit contemporaries who are not members to join the Society and play in matches.

Enjoy your golf in 2014 and let us hope the weather repeats the many marvellous golfing days we have all enjoyed this year.


Rodney Hall.

President.  OWGS.

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